Transmission Manager - Energy Storage

Transmission Manager - Energy Storage

The Opportunity:

The Green Recruitment Company have partnered with Jupiter Power to source their next strategic hire in Energy Storage Transmission. Jupiter is an energy infrastructure company focused on the development, construction, and operation of energy storage assets in wholesale electricity markets. The Jupiter team has a long history of successful ventures in the power industry and commenced development of both its project pipeline and proprietary software technology in 2017. In 2019 Jupiter partnered with a leading private equity firm to roll out its project portfolio and is constructing its first assets this year.


Jupiter seeks to grow its transmission team with the recruitment of a highly motivated interconnection manager. Responsibilities include understanding transmission system in various ISOs and performing necessary analysis to support commercial activities, primarily focused on power flow analysis but not limited to, market simulation, locational marginal price (LMP) analysis, renewable integration studies, and evaluation of the impact of market rule changes on these forecasts and analyses in the Eastern Interconnect, WECC, and ERCOT regions. The successful candidate will play a critical role for a company that is at the leading edge of energy storage deployment in wholesale markets. This individual is expected to apply ‘best-in-class’ principles and processes to advance the Jupiter Power’s platform and value proposition.


The Role:

  • Advise development team on project’s siting with performing necessary transmission planning studies.
  • Develop required modelling package for interconnection applications submittal in various ISOs
  • Act as a Liaison with various ISOs and manage the interconnection process Le
  • ad/Supervise consultants to perform interconnection related studies
  • Develop necessary documents to participate in capacity markets with solid understanding of capacity market rules and assist in decision making in capacity auction related market activities in various ISOs
  • Participate in meetings related to regional planning to track and understand transmission/generation changes driven by regional reliability or public policies in various ISOs
  • Lead in various pre-operational activities such as registration as market participants in related ISOs, NERC and asset registration to advance projects’ targeted COD
  • Provide support to Engineering team to review project engineering drawings and advance projects commissioning and testing process.


The Person:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Minimal 5 years’ Experience in transmission planning for utility, IPP, ISO, consultancy, or related organization
  • Capability of performing load flow and short circuit studies with power system analysis software such as PSSE, PSLF, Powerworld, TARA and ASPEN.
  • High technical and commercial acumen to integrate commercial strategy with grid dynamics (Preferred) Deep understanding of stability analysis, capability of tuning control parameters for dynamic models
  • (preferred) master’s degree in electrical engineering with emphasis on power system
  • Preferred) Familiarity with energy storage technologies and deployments
  • (Preferred) Knowledge of real-time, day-ahead and FTR/CRR markets