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About Us

About Us

The market leading recruiter in the International Green Energy & Green Technology sector.

The Green Recruitment Company was founded in London in 2010 with the sole vision of becoming the leading specialist provider of global recruitment solutions to the Green Energy Sector. With an initial focus on Renewable Energy and Energy Management the company quickly expanded in line with the wider Green Energy sector. As technology continues to transform the sector our business has similarly adapted. International Offices have been created and new divisions arisen to meet the needs of markets such as E-Mobility, IoT, Connected Cities, Storage and DSR.

We are still headquartered in London but now have key international hubs located in Europe, North America, Middle East, Australasia, Latin America and Asia. Our consultants have both a technological and geographic focus which allows us to provide our clients and candidates with expert support no matter the location or expertise. Our client base covers the full Green Energy Lifecycle from Finance Houses, Developers and EPCs through to Manufacturers, Utilities and Energy Consultancies. We offer a full suite of recruitment services from Executive Search to Global Contactor Mobilisation through to Managed Service Provision.

To help our clients and candidates in such an innovative sector we have invested internally to incorporate technology in our service offering. Our Green360 solution allows for a more efficient recruitment process with improved hiring and retention rates. If you are a business or an individual working in the Green Energy or Green Technology sector we will have an expert and a recruitment solution specific to your requirement.  

Our continued motivation is to remain at the forefront of the Green Energy & Green Technology Sector, connecting brilliant people through exceptional solutions to drive innovation & advancement in the most exciting and important sector in the world today..  

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