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Business Intelligence

Our company maintains a specialist research and business intelligence unit to support our clients. The team features MBA-qualified personnel and has supported our clients on a range of projects including salary surveys, competitor benchmarking/talent mapping, talent pool research, DEI initiatives and new territory business plans. Research campaigns can include:

  • Salary Benchmarking. Reports illustrating average salaries for specific job titles, in specific geographic regions. Benchmarking services can also include industry information on average bonus payments and fringe benefits.  

  • Market Analysis. The Green Recruitment Company are skilled in providing detailed studies on market conditions. This can be specifically useful for new market entry, forecasting and business planning. 

  • Competitor Analysis. Identification of closest competitors, key individuals, analysis of strategy and presentation of competitor organisation charts. 

  • Labour Market Analysis. Reports on international labour legislation, government policy, right to work, likely candidate sources and recommendations on advertising strategy.

We have produced highly detailed reports for a wide range of companies in the last 10 years. Examples include a large multinational wind turbine manufacturer, an international investment bank, several European infrastructure funds and multiple Solar, Energy Storage and EV start-ups.