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Connecting Green Talent

We are a leading supplier of global recruitment services to the green energy, sustainability and technology sectors.

A Decade of Green: Connecting Talent, Shaping the Future

In a world where the renewables market is experiencing unprecedented growth fuelled by heightened global climate concerns and technological advancements, TGRC stands at the forefront of change. The surge in demand for skilled professionals brings forth opportunities for businesses and individuals alike, united in their commitment to a sustainable future.

Since our establishment in 2009, The Green Recruitment Company is among the most established global leaders in this sector, with expertise only in the green economy. Every day, we connect top talent with innovative companies to help shape the green investment, energy and technology sectors.

Our networks encompass three broad areas:

1. The green finance, investment, sustainability & ESG sectors, operating in the key global hubs of London, New York, Singapore, Beijing & Sydney.

2. The renewable energy infrastructure sector, including solar, wind & storage, as well as downstream energy management, grid, EV charging, and energy procurement & trading.

3. Emerging cleantech markets such as carbon capture, green hydrogen, and biofuels, as well as general electrification, IoT, automation & digitization.

Our consultants are driven by an unwavering passion for the green economy. They are not only niche specialists but are trained to be your trusted guides through the intricate complexities of hiring processes.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in navigating this dynamic landscape, and help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Unlocking Opportunities: Your Path to Success

Explore the suite of tailored services at The Green Recruitment Company designed to elevate your recruitment experience. Whether it’s permanent hires to fortify your team, executive search for top-tier leadership, or contract hire solutions for flexibility, we’ve got you covered.

Dive into our business intelligence services for strategic insights or harness the power of project solutions for dynamic scalability. We cultivate enduring talent partnerships for sustained success.

Click here and discover how we can shape your journey towards excellence.

Global branches.

TGRC have a truly global presence with offices spread across all major continents and time zones. This international footprint and mindset enable us to service the complex needs of international companies, as well as access remote talent pools.

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The Green Recruitment Company.  The Premium Provider of Global Recruitment Solutions in the Green Energy & Technology Sector.

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We’ve built a passionate team making us a premium provider of Global Recruitment Solutions in the Green Energy & Technology Sector.

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