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Director, Program Management, Renewable Energy Solutions

Director, Program Management, Renewable Energy Solutions

​The Green Recruitment Company are working alongside a world leading energy advisory specialising within global energy management, brokerage, procurement, supply & trading, sustainability and environmental and carbon compliance services.


The Role:

The Director, Program Management, Renewable Energy Solutions will be responsible and accountable for the delivery and development of customer mandates and services within the practice. The position plays an important role in the delivery of products and services. This position manages programs and assignments with new and existing C&I Customers, ensuring timely delivery, stakeholder alignment and effective coordination and coherence of services and enabling contracts. The Program Manager will serve as a project manager coordinating delivery of services and taking responsibility for timely execution of various enabling contracts between clients and project developers.



  • Support and enhance the design of customer mandates and products and services, including scope of work, schedule and deliverables

  • Lead, Co-lead or support program teams to deliver mandates, products and services for multiple projects

  • Lead, Co-lead or support the negotiation and execution of enabling agreements between clients and developers of utility scale renewable energy projects

  • Lead, Co-lead or support the negotiation and execution of enabling agreements between clients and developers of Onsite renewable and other distributed energy projects

  • Engage, synthesise and collaborate with functional teams on programs for optimal success

  • Drawing on team solutions and delivery expertise, develop strategies to meet specific client needs and specific mandate requirements, manage work plans & timelines for multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Track and report on delivery and performance against program schedules and design.

  • Review and assess project delivery risks, develop mitigation plans to mitigate risks and identify opportunities for additional client support and/or products and services.

  • Oversee the activities of project teams and deliver the day-to-day management of the client relationship for products and services.

  • Support business development and commercial activities where required, providing expertise and input to proposals

  • Show executive presence and confidence in managing programs, engaging with the most senior levels of corporate, governmental and institutional clients.

  • Collaborate with team leadership and management, maintaining updates on project progress and important developments

  • Be accountable for Customer success, delivery excellence and program performance.

  • Maintain knowledge of Renewable Energy market trends, opportunities and new technologies and applying a customer lens and viewpoint.


The Individual:

  • 5+ years of energy or renewable energy experience [solar PV, onshore or offshore wind and other technologies]. 

  • 5+ years’ experience with project development, project finance, corporate PPA’s and/or Corporate Energy procurement.

  • 3+ years’ experience negotiating power purchase agreements, ideally both physical and financial contracts for differences, for example “Virtual Power Purchase Agreements”

  • Strong understanding of environmental attributes, aka “Renewable Energy Certificates” (RECs), including value and markets

  • Broad technical understanding of energy systems and renewable energy technologies, and ability to assess new renewable energy technologies and complementary technologies to identify new opportunities

  • Ability to manage multiple projects and deliver meaningful business results with minimal supervision