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Energy and Sustainability Manager

Energy and Sustainability Manager

Role Purpose:

Our Client is a leading global provider of integrated facilities and corporate real estate management. We are recruiting an Energy & Sustainability Manager to join the team located in London and will be responsible for supporting clients to deliver and validate energy, carbon and cost reductions. Identify and implement energy efficiency measures, low and zero carbon solutions and operational best practices.

The purpose of this role is:

  • To ensure the effective management of energy resources to meet client’s objectives and targets.

  • To identify, develop and implement new energy related opportunities

  • Carry out all energy related tasks to ensure service provision and compliance

  • To motivate and train people in energy management

Primary Objectives and Tasks:

  • Maintain a thorough understanding of corporate energy strategy, legal, statutory and technical issues which affect the client’s premises

  • Assist clients to measure, monitor and report on energy consumption and carbon emissions

  • Develop and advise on energy strategy/solutions, developing these into working projects, which meet client objectives and best practice

  • Identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions within clients’ property portfolios

  • Calculate potential savings in terms of kWh, CO2 and cost

  • Deliver on these opportunities through managing installations & behavioural changes

  • To be able to normalise and verify savings post implementation

  • Assist clients to meet their increasingly challenging compliance requirements

  • Support wider energy management objectives, for example through energy procurement

  • Provide full feasibility studies of costed initiatives / projects to reduce energy usage.

  • Project management and implementation of initiatives.

  • Work with and support the Head of Projects, ensuring that projects are as energy efficient as is financially possible.

  • Provide monitoring and verification through the full cycle of the project to achieve cost and energy efficient solutions.

  • Ensure clients benefit from emerging opportunities, innovation and technology

  • Support clients’ wider sustainability and corporate social responsibility objectives

  • Keep abreast of Energy Market developments and changes, ensuring that the client comply with all Energy related Legislation

  • Train Energy Engineers and manage their activity, ensuring their expedient use

Core Competencies:

  • Extensive working knowledge of BMS and control theory.

  • Extensive knowledge of the principle techniques and technologies which support the efficient use of energy.

  • Competency in current benchmark techniques and statistical analysis

  • Understand the principles behind HVAC, refrigeration and Lighting operation and system design / integration

  • Capable of preparing fully costed energy efficiency proposals and reports

  • Ability to carry out full energy surveys and feasibility studies of energy technologies





  • Degree ideally in energy and sustainability, engineering or building services

  • Specific energy efficiency / low carbon qualifications are desirable

  • Relevant professional membership e.g. CIBSE, Energy Institute

Project Management

  • Project management skills, with ability to manage multiple complex work-streams and clients, ability to manage budgets

  • Delivers work efficiently and to time


  • Experience in energy efficiency and wider sustainable energy is required

  • Experience of energy management, including energy procurement and compliance would be beneficial

  • Extensive knowledge of the principle techniques and technologies which support the efficient use of energy

Technical Skills

  • Ability to interpret energy data and use as a basis for reduction strategies

  • Knowledge of Low and zero carbon technologies


  • Exceptional report writing skills with ability to communicate technical issues effectively

  • Strong verbal communication skills

  • Demonstrable ability to instil confidence in clients

Strategic Skills

  • Ability to research, analyse and form conclusions on complex issues

  • Presents compelling arguments to support clients’ decision making

  • Knowledge of customer operations, business drivers, financials and specialist sources of information, legislative requirements where necessary

Personal Skills

  • Exceptional team-working skills