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Cory Rogers

Head of Energy Efficiency & E-Mobility

Cory Rogers heads up our Energy Efficiency Division as well as working across the exciting new market of E-Mobility in the UK and internationally.

He works on roles pertaining to Electric Vehicles, Charging Solutions and other forms of E-Mobility and has built an unrivalled network of candidates and clients within the sector.  

Cory is a graduate of the University of Bournemouth.

Selected Testimonials: 

“Through the process of recruiting a Head of Department for Sustainable Use Services for the client, I was most impressed with the approach TGRC took in narrowing their search. They firstly targeted specific companies to source applicants from for which they needed to be clear about the skill-sets required. This led to a strong long list of potential applicants. The level and quality of communications then to me as an applicant was first rate and extremely useful to prepare for the interviews - I felt very comfortable with what was required of me at interview. This meant they were also able to extract from the employer a solid understanding of the types of skills the employer required. Finally, they were able to support me very well in the contract negotiation phase to ensure I was able to balance my requirements with employer ability to meet those. Overall, it was the highest quality recruiter process I have come across in my 25-year career.”

-Head of Dept. Sustainable Use Services, DNV GL

Consultant Jobs: