Structuring Analyst

Structuring Analyst


The costing and structuring of retail contracts is an essential function for any energy supplier. Suppliers have very little control over their costs, and as a result it is important that they clearly understand what drives changes, and to forecast those changes up to years in advance. We are looking for a Structuring Analyst for the UK energy supply markets for both residential and commercial customers, to help to ensure that we are pricing customers as accurately as possible, and to identify opportunities to increase customer value.

The Quantitative Structuring team in the Supply group is responsible for performing a wide range of analyses which are key to our business success. Structuring products requires understanding not only the costs themselves, but the way our customers behave in response to changes made by us and the wider market. At the heart of this work is a strong understanding of, and appreciation for, the mathematics we use to model customer behaviour and the systems that we use to build those models.

This role encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including database and systems design and development, data wrangling, business intelligence, quantitative analysis and regulatory review. It presents a fantastic opportunity for a highly driven individual with a few years’ work experience to broaden their horizons and expand their responsibilities.

The Client

TGRC are working alongside a large energy supplier providing electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses across UK & Ireland. They value integrity, innovation, customer-centricity, responsibility, enrichment, and excellence. They are a team that is excited to be building a brand and continuing our growth to deliver products and services that provide stability and innovative solutions and create value for our customers and shareholders.


The successful candidate, will be responsible for maintaining and developing cost element and pricing models for power and gas supply in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In addition, they will need to create a wide range of analyses to provide the business with the insights we need to improve our competitive positioning and gross margins.

The ideal candidate is highly creative, motivated by challenges which require new ideas, and has the academic background and industry experience to put those ideas into practice. This is an ideal opportunity for an individual working as part of a large costing and structuring group to assume more responsibility, and to develop as an individual more quickly than within a larger organization. Alternatively, a candidate with a very strong academic background (including strong programming skills) with an interest in data science will find room and opportunity to grow with the role as our business expands.


  • MSc or PhD in a STEM subject
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Two years’ experience in the energy industry, with a focus on costing and structuring, or outstanding academic record and programming ability
  • Experience with scientific and database programming (Python/Pandas, R, MATLAB) and (T-)SQL
  • Strong communication, both written and oral
  • Disciplined and organized approach to work
  • Demonstrated success in a fast-paced team environment
  • Strong desire to grow and develop as an individual