Python Developer

Python Developer

The Python Developer will be responsible for writing new software and integration code and supporting existing integrations and code in Python/R or similar technologies.


Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • To work closely with the senior developers to learn to support and improve existing technology solutions and architecture
  • To assist in designing, developing, and implementing new solutions or integration
  • To learn and understand the underlying data and business processes.
  • To identify areas for improvement and work with the team to collaborate on better ways to add value to the business utilizing Python
  • To support daily operations and ensure business reliability. This can involve after-hours support if needed.
  • To coordinate on resolving issues across departments – infrastructure, desktop support, etc… - as needed.


Minimal Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a technical area of study (computer science, information systems, engineering, etc…) or equivalent experience
  • 4 - 6 years experience in a corporate environment
  • Strong experience in Python and able to develop new and maintain existing Python code.
  • Good web platform/Cloud development skills
  • Application development from web service API through a backend
  • Strong experience with Python ML packages - Sci-kit Learn
  • Experience with Oracle and/or MS SQL Server. Experience should include a basic understanding of relational databases as well as basic proficiency in writing queries. 
  • Experience writing database code (i.e., functions, stored procedures, triggers) in PL/SQL or T-SQL
  • An understanding of Windows- or Linux-based systems. 
  • Experience with one of them in a corporate environment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong mathematical/analytical background
  • Experience with energy markets
  • Knowledge of R programming
  • Experience with using data extracts and data wrangling techniques.
  • Experience working with files/tables/custom query sources.
  • Exposure to energy/commodities trading
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services in general and Amazon Redshift specifically.
  • Experience with AWS analytics services, Dynamo DB, S3, SQS, API Gateway, Kinesis, Sage Maker, and Lambda functions