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Data Analysis - multiple roles! (Analyst - Associate level)

Data Analysis - multiple roles! (Analyst - Associate level)


Are you looking for a Data Analysis / Reporting role within a leading renewable infrastructure investor? 

We are partnered with a fund who are rapidly expanding their Asset Management team, and are looking to make a number of key hires. 

There are multiple roles available, from graduate through to Associate level. I am keen to speak with candidates at differing levels of experience & responsibility!


Within the Asset Management team will be a sub-team dedicated to data, this newly created data team will be responsible for the collection of data and provision of information to the asset management team. The team will:

  • be responsible for receiving, cleansing and interpreting site data, remotely, from SCADA systems (and/or similar);
  • be integrated with our inhouse team of technical Asset Managers and be responsible for bringing data issues to the attention of the team;
  • process large quantities of raw data and distil their findings into meaningful information on the condition and performance of sites;
  • support resolution of faults and incidents, making recommendations to the Asset Managers on the cause of data anomalies and possible actions to restore sites to normal operating condition;
  • support reconciliation of meter data and offtaker data, subsequent action to address differences;
  • be responsible for the continued maintenance of data management systems, notably the upload of key performance indicators (“KPI”) into Mercatus. Mercatus being a data repository through which we record key information and analyse performance;
  • manage data storage, including strategy for archiving;
  • support continued development and consolidation of our SCADA systems, including onboarding of new assets when acquired;
  • support optimisation strategies to improve the performance of sites;
  • support the development and thereafter performance of preventative maintenance strategies;
  • support development of forecasting techniques;
  • support development of predictive maintenance strategies; and
  • liaise with Operation & Maintenance (“O&M”) Contractors on data issues


  • An aptitude for managing large data sets and drawing conclusions from them;
  • Enthusiasm and interest for how data analysis can enhance asset performance;
  • Experience of SCADA and/or remote data sensing applications would be preferable;
  • Experience of data monitoring, remote sensing and cleansing large data sets;
  • A good understanding of the technical performance indicators for solar and/or wind generating assets (or similar), including energy yield analysis would be preferable;
  • Good knowledge of the functioning and maintenance of communications systems;
  • Good knowledge of the functioning and maintenance of data storage systems (software and hardware);
  • Good communication skills, particularly the ability to present findings concisely.