Carbon Project Development Specialist

Carbon Project Development Specialist

As Carbon Project Development Specialist, you will be working with regional teams in the USA, Brazil, India, and Brazil as well as alongside a global team of highly motivated and passionate people to understand and solve key challenges in developing carbon credit projects in the agricultural sector.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • As part of the Global Carbon Project Development, work on the assessment, design, and development of specific project design elements, such as e.g. permanence, additionality, or environmental impact assessment.
  • Support in the development of the Project Design Documentation (PDD) and other supporting documents needed to ensure efficient project certification
  • Work closely with the global team to support internal as well as external alignment across various carbon sequestration projects.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of the processes needed for successful project development, such as public consultation process, data collection, and sampling
  • Support in-country agronomic, marketing, and sales teams with specific project development knowledge.
  • Help field staff translate methodologies and requirements into the local language.
  • Create and leverage a strong network of colleagues in the larger food & agriculture industry - project partners, technology providers, governmental, quasi-governmental, and non-governmental agencies, etc. to imprint our ideas ahead in a competitive sector while providing thought leadership to the team internally and to a nascent market in the regional context at large.

What you will bring:

  • 5+ years of experience in driving and supporting climate responsible projects
  • Minimum of Master's Degree, PhD Preferred
  • A demonstrated knack for Project Management and Implementation in the sustainability space
  • Knowledgeable in global standards/protocols/markets such as CDM, VCS, ACR, CAR, or Gold Standard.
  • An in-depth technical understanding of carbon sequestration from an agricultural/forestry perspective
  • Excellent communication skills in English, orally as well as written
  • Proven ability to liaise and communicate seamlessly with technocrats, administrative officials, growers, ground operations, and laymen alike.
  • Above all, an entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for project development in a highly