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A Partnership Built on Excellence

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A Partnership Built on Excellence

​Akira Energy and The Green Recruitment Company Announce Strategic Joint Venture Partnership

Amsterdam, May 2024 – Akira Energy, a renowned Dutch-based energy recruitment firm, has entered into a strategic joint venture with The Green Recruitment Company (TGRC), a global workforce solutions leader. The collaboration brings together Akira Energy founders Hans Slootweg and Bobby Roosien with TGRC’s experienced team led by Nic Yates and Sarah Solari.

A Partnership Built on Excellence

The new partnership is founded on the principle of delivering the highest level of service to clients, customers, and candidates. This venture allows Akira Energy to leverage TGRC’s extensive global support functions, enhancing their ability to service large-scale projects under a unified brand. This collaboration enables the sharing of opportunities that might otherwise be lost to competition and supports clients with their expertise in the complex global offshore renewables labour market.

Addressing the Talent Shortage in the Green Energy Sector

The global landscape for securing talent in large energy projects is fiercely competitive. According to the World Economic Forum, green roles have grown by 8% annually over the past five years. However, there remains a significant gap in the availability of skilled employees to fill these roles, with LinkedIn research indicating that the number of people listing green skills in their profiles only grew by 6% over the same period.

Benefits of the Joint Venture

Through this joint venture, Akira Energy and TGRC provide a comprehensive sole supplier option for energy clients. This partnership blends the boutique service of a specialized agency with the robust support of a global business, resulting in:

  • Enhanced Service Quality: Clients benefit from a high-touch, personalized approach backed by global resources.

  • Wider Talent Access: Greater access to top-tier talent across the globe ensures better matches for client needs.

  • Unified Workforce Solutions: A collaborative approach to workforce challenges ensures streamlined and effective talent acquisition strategies.

Executive Quotes

Hans Slootweg, Co-Founder of Akira Energy: “This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide unparalleled service to our clients. By joining forces with TGRC, we enhance our capabilities and reach, ensuring our clients receive the best talent solutions available.”

Nic Yates, Group Managing Director at TGRC: “We are thrilled to partner with Akira Energy. Together, we are poised to address the talent shortages in the offshore green energy sector with innovative and effective recruitment solutions.”

Contact Us

For more information about the Akira Energy and TGRC joint venture, please contact:

  • Akira Energy: info@akiraenergy.com

  • The Green Recruitment Company: akiraenergy@tgrcinc.com

This strategic partnership marks a new chapter in the energy recruitment industry, promising superior service and solutions for the evolving needs of the green energy sector.