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The Green Recruitment Company | 'Back to Basics' Series | Video Interview Tips

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The Green Recruitment Company | 'Back to Basics' Series | Video Interview Tips

In this blog of The Green Recruitment Companies ‘Back to School’ series we cover how to navigate video interviews and our tips for success. During the last few years video interviews have been the new norm so getting the basics right is crucial to win over your new employer.

Tips for video interview success:

Format of the interview

It is important to confirm prior to the interview whether it will be a live or pre-recorded call. A live interview will involve you speaking in real-time to a person or group of people. A pre-recorded interview is where you will be presented with pre-recorded questions which you will then answer during a specific time. They should be treated differently as the tasks involved can vary. For example, a live interview should be treated as an in-person conversation whereas a pre-recorded interview puts more emphasis on rehearsal and practicing the answers to your questions.

Prepare prior to the interview

Always prepare prior to the interview. This may be making sure the internet works or ensuring the camera and speakers on your device works, they all make a big difference. As this may be the first point of visual contact for many, first impressions are everything. It is important to do your research on the company and the person who will be interviewing you. Look at their background, how they got into the industry and what they have recently posted. This will give you talking points during the interview and if they ask any questions at the end, it will give you a chance to go back and ask them some further points of discussion. This helps to create a 'back and forth' conversation rather than a one-way form of communication. Make sure you know your CV or resume so when the interviewer asks you any questions on your work history you know exactly what they are referring too.

Background and setting

Plan where you are going to perform the interview. A quiet area with no distractions would be advised. Make sure the background is clean and there are no objects in the background to draw the interviewer’s attention away from you. Make sure you are in a well-lighted area and mute notifications on your device and phone to make sure you are 100% focused on the interview.

Dress appropriately

Making sure that you are dressed as if you were going to meet the company in person. Even though you are at home, make an effort. Avoid wearing bright flashy colours and chose something that is professional and smart. The old line ‘better to be over dressed than under dressed’ applies here.

Body Language, eye contact and vocals

Make sure you are looking at the camera throughout the interview. It can be easy to allow your eyes to wander when no one is physically in the room talking to you. Ensure you are centred and have good posture in the chair throughout the interview. Interviews can be nervy moments so make sure you speak slowly and clearly. It can be easy to rush through so take a deep breath and relax.

Close the interview

The same with an in person interview, you always want to close the interview and thank the participants for their time. It is also recommended that you send a thank you note or email to the interview participants within 24hrs to reiterate your appreciation of their time. You can include something small you took from the interview such as a vision they had for the company or future plans and how you will benefit from this. This can make all the difference in getting you progressed to the next stages.