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The Green Recruitment Company is the leading provider of global recruitment solutons to the Green Energy & Technology sector. 

As leaders within this market space, we regularly benchmark the marketplaces in which we operate in the form of market reports and Salary Surveys. Here you will find our most recent surveys and reports. 

We can also research and deliver bespoke reports based on client specifications. For more information on this please email Stephen Redmond - stephen@greenrecruitmentcompany.com 

China market analysis 

The Green Recruitment Company is proud to present its' latest Market Analysis of the Chinese Energy Market. Produced in conjunction with our Beijing Office, the Chinese Market Report  is a brief survey of the renewable energy market in China and focuses on;

 • The Pipeline of Energy Projects,
• A Brief Overview of Government Policy
• The Key Developers
• EV
• Energy Storage
• Staffing Conditions

australian market analysis 

Following the successful launch of The Green Recruitment Company's Sydney office earlier this year, we have undertaken a significant project to evaluate the Australian Renewables market, compiled by our team in Sydney as well as conversations with senior members of the Renewables industry. This report is invaluable if you are a business owner/manager looking to expand into the Australian Market. 

East Coast salary surveys 

The Green Recruitment Company is pleased to share its latest piece of market research; a Renewable Energy Salary Survey for the U.S East Coast. Our focus in this report is on three key areas of Renewable Energy; Solar, Onshore Wind and Energy Storage. It is key for employers in these emerging and fast-growth markets to stay abreast of salary trends, in order to hire and retain the best staff in ever-shrinking talent pools.

We also have an in  in-depth analysis of the East Coast Finance Market.

Solar Salary Survey Now Available

The Green Recruitment Company is proud to present its' Solar PV Salary Survey for 2018. We have spent the last three months of the year speaking to professionals across the Solar PV sector to gain an overview of salary trends within the Solar PV Development, Construction and Operations Management Sectors.