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Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

The Client: 

A data driven energy tech leader delivering cleaner energy solutions, while reducing emissions and tackling climate change. Growing fast and seek talented individuals to join us to deliver on our vision of a sustainable future.


The Role:

As a Senior Data Scientist you will be responsible for a growing function within the complex analytics, data science and machine learning sphere, critical to the client's market-leading energy forecasting solutions, real-time control and business insights. 



  • The Senior Data Scientist's primary responsibility is to lead the continuous development of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.
  • Scoping, designing and managing advanced analytics and data science solutions, such as:
    • Continuously improving data science platforms, including for forecasting, and real-time analytics.
    • Creating forecasting and optimisation algorithms to operate and/or manage distributed energy assets, including in real-time. 
    • Build, validate and update complex data science models
    • Guide decision-making for the Trading function. 
    • Understand and test how machine learning methods, processes, and techniques can be applied to the business.
  • Maintain strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders


The Individual:

  • Experience of managing data science and analysis within a data-intensive environments (energy, tech, finance).
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with large volumes of data; real-time control of assets and processing live data streams. 
  • Understanding and ongoing learning of Data Science and Machine Learning frameworks (Python).
  • An innovative mindset.
  • Bachelor education in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Leaning, Data Science, or Quantitative subject. 


Desirable Skills:

  • Experience of developing or supporting forecasting systems in electricity sector.
  • Experience working with time-series data. 
  • On-the-fly augmentation experience. 
  • Post-grad education in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Leaning, Data Science, or Quantitative subject.