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Fairness, Inclusion & Respect

The Green Recruitment Company is committed to promoting equality and diversity and combating discrimination. We take a proactive approach with our clients to helping them achieve fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) objectives.

What do we mean by Fairness?

Treating everyone as individuals according to their needs.

Absence of bias.

Supporting people to do their best.

What do we mean by Inclusion?

Making everyone feel that they are a key part of our business and key part of their future employer’s business.

Valuing the people we work with and the candidates we place. We are keen to ensure that candidates get a chance to show what skills they can offer an employer.

What do we mean by Respect?

Creating an atmosphere and recruitment process where all can succeed - whoever they are regardless of background or beliefs.

As a business we promote our FIR objectives through the following methods:

Company Policies; please contact if you would like a copy of any of our policy documents.

Training our colleagues.

Aligning with strategic partners who help us to improve and develop our FIR practices.

Development of recruitment methodologies that remove or reduce bias in the recruitment process.

Use of feedback tools for candidates, colleagues and clients to help identify if we have not met our objectives or methods that worked very well.

Including social value targets in our contracts with specific clients. This includes a wide range of community engagement objectives.

Promoting the use of apprenticeships.