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East Coast Salary Survey

​East coast salary survey

The Green Recruitment Company is pleased to share its latest piece of market research; a Renewable Energy Salary Survey for the U.S East Coast. Our focus in this report is on three key areas of Renewable Energy; Solar, Onshore Wind and Energy Storage. It is key for employers in these emerging and fast-growth markets to stay abreast of salary trends, in order to hire and retain the best staff in ever-shrinking talent pools.

To gain access to this valuable industry-wide resource, please fill in your details on the form to the right and you will be re-directed to download the Salary Survey. 

If you need more information or want to find out how The Green Recruitment Company's New York Office can assist you in finding the best candidates within the Renewable Energy Sector, please contact Patrick Wall on +1 646 781 8335 or on patrick@greenrecruitmentcompany.com