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Andrew Green

Head of Wind & Energy Solutions

Andrew Green joined the business in 2015 and leads the Wind & Energy Solutions Teams. He works alongside Energy Consultancies / Brokers / TPIs and Multinational Energy Providers to place roles across the UK, Europe and North America.

Andrew is a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan Business School.

Selected Testimonials: 

"Andrew is that great combination of personable and easy to deal with alongside being organised and thoroughly focused on the objective in hand. In his field it is often too easy to see candidates as a commodity only to be interacted with if there's immediate value but I never had that impression from him. I would wholeheartedly recommend Andrew for both job hunters and recruiters alike."

- Vice President Europe.

Professional, friendly and efficient. Andrew always kept me up to date with regular updates and he was very adept in securing the best deal for me! Really easy to work with, as he was always transparent and knows the market he operates in very well. Would definitely recommend others to use his services.

-Commercial Analyst, Gazprom Energy

Consultant Jobs: