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Andrew Green

Client Services Manager


Andrew Green joined the business in 2015 and leads the Wind & Energy Solutions Teams. He works alongside Energy Consultancies / Brokers / TPIs and Multinational Energy Providers to place roles across the UK, Europe and North America.

Andrew is a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan Business School.

Selected Testimonials: 

"I have been working with Andrew for the last 18 months to help support our Energy Sustainability Services business area. We were looking for a new agency who operate in this niche sector as we did not have that aspect covered particularly well on our preferred supplier list. Andrew and the team have certainly been a breath of fresh air! Their service is excellent - a true partnership with them providing not just great candidates (who are extremely well briefed) but also market information when we need it. From being given one opportunity as an "ad hoc" supplier to Schneider Electric I believe they have now secured themselves a place as one of our trusted partners."

-Lisa Jarvis, Talent Acquisition Manager, Schneider

"I've known Andrew for several years working with him as a recruiter and he has always been attentive to my role requirements and proactive in searching for opportunities that align with my skill set and ambitions. The new role I have moved into was one suggested by Andrew and was an ideal career move. Not one that was even on my radar so it was great to have Andrew looking round the market for me! "

- Thomas McGoldrick, Business Development Manager – Limejump

"Andrew has helped me to find a job out of UK. He has been very professional but at the same time his friendly approach made me feel comfortable with him. I was impressed by his availability at all times I needed help and excellent support in answering my queries. During the whole process he has been very patient with me providing great information that helped me to get the job. "

-Nima Pour, Market Risk Manager, Uniper