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Green Executive Search provides you with a soft approach to recruiting the foremost senior talent and executives in the market. Our team is award-winning and well-versed at creating a bespoke recruitment solution.

A common theme within executive search is to apply a one size fits all methodology.  We are different. It is essential not to ignore successful processes but it is even more important be able to adapt them to each client’s specific requirement.

Flexibility is crucial but a successful search is always dependent upon a thorough understanding of the project and strong attention to detail throughout. To achieve this we arrange our search into four general stages.

  • Research & Scoping
  • Formulation of Bespoke Solution
  • Search & Selection
  • Aftercare

The Green Executive Search team does not like to bombard our clients with over complicated processes, irrelevant facts or clichéd recruitment jargon. We would much rather spend our time getting under the skin of your organisation and its people. It is only then that we can successfully apply our market knowledge and technical expertise.

For more information about our Green Executive Search  click the link or to speak in more depth about a role, please call +44 (0) 203 640 2130

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